California Shady Mix

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Native species that thrive in dry or moist shade. Slightly fewer species are included as fewer wildflowers bloom in shade. Good under oaks.

Includes a good quantity of the lovely clarkias, with their long bloom period and desirability as cut flowers. Includes: showy clarkia, Chinese houses, mountain phlox, mountain garland, five spot, tansy-leaf phacelia, bird's eye gilia, tall and dwarf farewell-to-spring, and baby blue eyes (Clarkia amoena, Clarkia bottae, Clarkia unguiculata, Claytonia sibirica, Collinsia heterophylla, Gilia tricolor, Linanthus grandiflorus, Nemophila maculata, Nemophila menziesii, Phacelia bolanderii, Phacelia tanacetifolia).

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