Holy Sponge! Menstruation Kit

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This wonderful kit contains two sea sponges, Cramp Balm, and a storage pouch. Instructions included.

Cramp Balm: All ingredients are organic &/or wildcrafted. Jam packed with essential oils, enough to call this a solid scent, so be sure to test a small bit on your skin before digging in fully. A little goes a long way and this .5 oz. tin should last several cycles.

Organic Ingredients: Coconut Oil Infused with Motherwort, Ginger, Rosehips, Raspberry Leaves, Arnica, Crampbark, Shea Butter, Oregon Beeswax & essential oils.

Pregnant or nursing women and babies/children under the age of 3 should not use this product. Please consult your health care provider before using herbs and oils. Certain essential oils can be harmful during pregnancy and can even cause early labor. Please consult a health care provider before use of any products for any severe problems.

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