Plan Toys Rainbow Dancing Alligator

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How do you keep a pet alligator? The general advice from the experts is, "Don't even try." Your average alligator is unpredictable, unfriendly, and unpleasantly bitey - not a good companion for your curious kid.

But, then, the PlanToys Rainbow Dancing Alligator is not your average gator: not only is this delightful wooden toy completely safe for kids and as friendly as can be, but it's also terrifically rare. PlanToys only made 1000 Rainbow versions of the beloved Dancing Alligator pull toy, so you're going to want to snap yours up fast!

The PlanToys Rainbow Dancing Alligator boasts a cool new look along with the merits of the original toy, and his side-to-side motion and clickety-clack noises will delight your toddler, who will enjoy tugging her colorful pet around the house and experimenting with how different speeds and motions change his behavior. Pull toys help toddlers refine their walking skills, since they encourage kids to look behind them as they walk forward, improving their coordination.

And the PlanToys Rainbow Dancing Alligator may not be green in color, but he's green in spirit: he's made from PlanWood, a high-density molded material made from sawdust left over from toy manufacturing, compressed with E-zero glue. The resulting material is as strong and light as wood, but requires no additional trees to be cut down, and it contains no BPA, phthalates, or formaldehyde. Safe for your child, safe for the earth! We can't imagine a better first pet, can you?

The PlanToys Rainbow Dancing Alligator is suggested for ages 12 months and up.

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